With our virtual organizing services, you receive personalized, expert advice with a remote member of our staff instead of an on-site visit. Electronic communication substitutes for in-person meetings, and we will use photos, email, phone and Gmail chat or Skype to look at the space and come up with solutions. You will get personalized organizational solutions, step-by-step instructions, product recommendations, and the support and guidance you need to finally reclaim your space.

Virtual Organizing is perfect for:

  • Clients located outside the Phoenix/Scottsdale or Biarritz/San Sebastian areas
  • Clients who don't have 3-4 hour blocks of time to work with an organizer on site
  • Clients who value investing in their spaces but have a limited budget
  • Clients who want to maintain organized spaces
  • Clients who are comfortable with email, Skype or iChat and sending photos electronically

We offer the following packages to suit your needs. All virtual organizing packages include 7 days of email Q&A follow up.

Express Consultation

Package includes a 1-hour phone or online chat session, and is best used to evualate and get ideas on organizing small spaces (closets, cabinets, pantries, etc.) and getting you started on your organzing project.


Preferred Session

Same as the Express Consultation, but includes a written plan with details showing scope of a project, specific ideas and tips for the project, as well as a recommendation of products and solutions.


Premium Session

Same as the Preferred session, but also includes and additional 1-hour follow up virtual session to review progress made since first session, refine recommendations or answer any questions as part of the written plan, and provide additional guidance to help you complete your organizing project.


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