Ana and her team are magicians! I swear she waived a magic wand and voilá, my large maintenance warehouse was organized, decluttered, and we could actually find things! The cost savings this project will render our community will pay for this project immediately. We were spending so much unnecessary money of supplies that we had, but simply could not locate. I would highly recommend Ana and her team.

Julia Holland, CMCA, AMS
General Manager, Arizona Traditions Homeowners Association
female client image

Ana with The Workplace Organizer was able to make quick changes to my office layout and filing system which made everything more accessible. She also organized our marketing materials and made things much easier for our Sales Team. She has a unique way of thinking about a space and thanks to her expertise our office is a much more productive space. She is a joy to work with!

John Heffernan
VP of Sales, Oldcastle
male client image

Ana with The Workplace Organizer did an excellent job rearranging our office to make things easier and more productive. She helped put things in a more logical place and made things more comfortable for visitors and patients. It was a great experience!

Mary Lee Lehrich, RN, BSN, CDE
Supervisor at HonorHealth Diabetes Center
female client image

Ana has turned my life around. This has been a very personal and emotional process for me, and all the while Ana has been compassionate and kind; focused and goal oriented. She has taken me down the road of making wise, thoughtful choices, taught me skills, helped me pull it together when it felt like too much, and brought back the home I love! I look around me, and I have a smile in my heart again.

Lynne Tornell
Genealogist, Cave Creek, AZ
female client image

I inherited an office with many files and a disorganized filing system and I didn't know where to begin. Ana with The Workplace Organizer was able to come in and quickly work her magic. She helped purge and sort and together we created a much more effective and streamlined system. She has great tips and gave me useful advice that I still remember. Hire Ana and her team, you won't regret it."

Dave Skierkowski
General Manager at American Woodmark
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Ana has done an amazing job for me on two separate projects. Her attention to detail, listening skills and expert knowledge make working with Ana extremely pleasant. The results of her work have provided benefits that are invaluable. It's great to have things orderly but it has also helped to reduce stress and motivate me to maintain an organized life. I would highly recommend Ana and The Workplace Organizer to anyone wanting to get organized and enjoy the other benefits I mentioned.

Greg Smith
Sales Manager, Houston, TX
male client image

Ana brings order out of chaos, neatness out of messiness - and makes it fun as well! My husband was a hoarder and, when he passed away, I was left with an impenetrable jungle of junk, mixed with stashes of rolled coins, hundred dollar bills, and even a few municipal bonds. Ana works right along with her clients, reduces the decision-making, and - before you know it - you have a clean, organized space. I would still be shaking my head looking at the mess without her help.

Jan Murra
Author, Chandler, AZ
female client image

I've tried several organizers, and Ana is by far the best. She's professional, friendly, and keeps me motivated to get control of my clutter. She also has a great sense of humor, which is a big plus. Whenever Ana has been here, I know together we have accomplished my goals for that day. It's a pleasure working with her and is money well spent.

Jeanne B.
San Tan Valley, AZ
female client image

It's no exaggeration to say that Ana literally saved me from myself. During a down time in my life, she helped me to get back on track, organizing my files and unopened mail. She conquered my personal chaos and allowed me to regain control of my life. If you need organizational help, call her NOW!

Kerry Mitchell
Director of Research, Phoenix, AZ
female client image

Ana is a magician! Her professionalism combined with her kind heart and gentle astute manner and keen eye mean that she will transform your world. She makes the process fun and uplifting, has great ideas and tact, is passionate, and comes armed with tools and solutions and an open mind. Ana is very considerate patient, attentive and understanding which is particularly priceless for those with health issues She is flexible and very available I heartily recommend Ana not only as a wonderfully experienced organizational whizz but a beautiful and uplifting soul. She knows how to transform complicated to simple. Messy to tidy and scruffy to neat :-)

Masha Y.
Business Coach, Biarritz, France
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